4 Dental Hygienist Schools and What They Entail

Making the decision to pursue a career in dental hygiene is the first step to what can be a very rewarding career. But before you can start you must get the necessary training. With over 200 dental programmes being offered throughout the US it may become a little difficult to choose which programme will work for you.

While your ultimate decision is likely to be affected by factors such as proximity to home, qualification to be gained at the end of study and tuition and other cost, here are 4 schools that offer excellent dental hygiene programmes you may want to consider; Howard University College of Dentistry,St Petersburg college

Howard University College of Dentistry

This institution has one of the best dental programmes in the country as it combines theoretical education and practical experience to produce well rounded graduates.

It is a teaching and patient care institution which allows Dental hygienists in training get first-hand experience as they work under the supervision of faculty staff to treat actual patients in the college’s dental clinic.

The Howard University College of Dentistry offers a wide range of courses in dentistry. In addition to its Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) programme it also offers pre-doctoral and post-doctoral programmes as well.


• BS/DDS Programme (CE)
• DDA/MBA Programme
• International dentist programme


• Certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
• Certificate in orthodontics
• Certificate in paediatric dentistry
• Certificate in advanced education programme in general dentistry
• Certificate in general practice residency

St Petersburg College

The college of Health Sciences at the St Petersburg College has an excellent dental hygiene programme that offers students to opportunity to gain an Associates in Science degree in dental hygiene to enter the dental hygiene profession and a bachelor’s degree for further advancement

The programmes offered here are comparable and in many cases surpass those offered at other institutions in Florida.

New York University

The NYU Dentistry programme offers both an Associates in Applied Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. The courses are designed to allow students to gain all the necessary knowledge about dental health while gaining hands-on experience.
The Associate in Applied Science degree programme can be completed in two years as a fulltime day programme or in three years as an evening programme, while the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene


Program is a four year programme.

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College

The UC Blue Ash College offers a two-year fully accredited programme that provides graduates with an Associates of Applied Science Degree and all the necessary skills to easily integrate into the world of work.

While seeking to equip students with the technical skills to become world class Dental professionals, visit http://www.mydentalhygienistschools.com/career/ as the UC Blue Ash College also ensures that their graduates are adequately prepared to be knowledgeable and caring while providing this great service to the patients.

While these 4 schools are reputable not all schools offering dental hygiene programmes are. Be sure to check the before you commit to any programme that the institution and the programme are in fact accredited and will take you to the next level of your career.

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