How to get dental hygiene jobs

With the vast number of dental schools across the United States pouring out dental hygienists by the hundreds each year, saying the dental hygiene job market is saturated at this point would be the understatement of the year. Many persons have completed their studies and gained the requisite licensing but are still without a job as they believe that there simply isn’t the space to facilitate them.

With that being said, it is clearly very difficult to find work as a dental hygienist but it is not impossible. Individuals on the job hunt must get creative and move to set themselves apart from everyone else if they are to survive the current harsh conditions.

Expand your search

It goes without saying that private practices employ the vast majority of dental hygienists across the country. However vacancies for dental hygienists are not exclusive to these practices.view more dental hygiene job information at

Individuals need to look beyond their local dentist’s office and explore the other options that are available to them. Public health facilities in many states offer employment to dental hygienists who then work with schools and communities to promote good oral health and by extension good overall health for citizens. There are also opportunities available with regards to federal jobs in institutions such as prisons, military organizations and veterans administrations.

Dental Hygienists are also valuable assets in research, marketing and sales for private companies who make and distribute dental products and supplies. Individuals seeking to land a good dental hygienist job need to do some research on possible vacant positions with companies such as Colgate, Ultradent and Kerr and any other dental company you may think of.Check their websites for vacancies and where none is listed call their offices to inquire about it.

Market yourself

With all the difficulties being faced in the job market the only way to ensure you land a job to market yourself. You are aware of how many persons graduated the same time as you with basically the same qualifications that you have. You are also aware that those persons are hunting for the same jobs you are. Consequently you have to take every possible step to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. What will make you a better hire than anyone else?


You must spend some time ensuring that your skills are not limited to what you learned from a text book. Your interpersonal skills must be on point and your attitude must be good. You want a potential employer to meet you and be immediately impressed with you so you must look the part and act it too.

The Bureau of Labour statistics has stated that there will be a steady increase in dental hygienists jobs between 2012 and 22022. This is great news for those within the field as some 114,000 jobs are expected to become available. However individuals must be thoroughly prepared to take advantage of the expected boom in the dental hygiene profession.

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